Jumaat, 5 Ogos 2011

The "I" Notes

I am crazy,fun,depressed,chill,cool,active,sweet,fun,loving but in one words~reikozulaiha
I think about someone i like,love,crushed all the time.
I know a lot of thing that people never expect i know...
I have a lot of great,fun,crazy,hype frenz around me all the time
I wish all my wishes for this year come true
I hate hypocrites n being hypocrite.
I miss all shopping malls that i've ever go before
I fear being totally alone n losing people i love
I hear all types of music
I smell my baby lotion that i used juz now...love it!
I crave western food...
I search about anything that i wanna know everyday 
I wonder when i m gonna get married
I regret leave my study,leave celcom, and fall in love with Achu
I love my family,frenz and my fling
I ache in my heart when i realize that i have wasted a lot of time being wit him n let him hurt me n ruined my life
I am not a pessimist,n i m not an optimist either.i m realistic!
I believe in myself rather than anybody else...
I dance almost everyday
I sing  a lot
I cry alone and make sure nobody will knoe bout it
I fight when i feel thing doesnt rite or unfair
I win  for any games that i m into it
I lose my temper easily when people touch my personal life
I never hang out wit stranger
I always smile in front of others even though i m sad.
I confuse to differentiate between right n left
I listen to advices but doesn't mean i ll follow
I can usually be found at office 8am-5am,5pm-10pm at home,10-1am at coffee shop,1am-8am at my bed but on saturday surely at howme
I am scared of being ugly 
I need money all the time
I am happy about being outside howme and do all activities dat i like...
I imagine a lot of thing like become famous,rich,and pretty as well
I tag all my buddies to do diz stuff...its fun u'olsss

p/s: juz do diz quiz...its fun...the way we can get to know each other well..all u need to do juz copy and paste then fill up the bold one with your own words...dun forget to tag me back!

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